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  • Going For Gold


    Wow! I am exhausted after staying up late for an epic night of sport. Cycling, Kayaking, Shooting, Judo, Diving and Gymnastics – Team GB had a cracking day! I LOVE watching the olympics. When I was a kid it was a nightmare – 2 weeks of nothing but sport on the telly? The only ‘Going […]

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  • App Review – Swipes


    I am a writer of lists. It drives my husband nuts, but it’s who I am 🙂 Once you have a list you can organise the things on it, prioritise them, and shuffle them about. Of course you could also do the things on the list! But first of all you have to capture all those tasks somewhere, […]

  • Organisation
  • 9 to 5


    “Working 9 to 5, what a way to earn a living!” If only! I don’t know a single person with a 9-5 job. Not really. Not anymore. The launch of the Blackberry saw the end to that about 15 years ago. Back then I was working in IT for a fund management company. I often worked […]

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  • Hartbeat

    tony hart & Morph

    Tony Hart – what a legend! If you are 35 to 40 something I am sure you know who I am talking about. After school TV wasn’t complete without some sort of ‘art’ program – Art Attack, Hart Beat, oh, and the one with Rolf Harris. Blue Peter presenters with their ‘here’s one I prepared […]

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  • Gizmo’s & Gremlins


    We live our lives surrounded by gizmo’s. Not, unfortunately, the cute fluffy ones from my second favourite Christmas movie, but stuff designed to make our lives easier, to save us time. These gizmo’s used to be ‘things’, like food processors and microwaves. Now, as our lives have become increasingly complex, we are ruled over by […]