Diamonds Are Forever

Yes they are!

I’ve recently been having a bit of a clear out. We’re getting itchy feet and are planning another move soon, so I decided it was time to open some boxes that hadn’t been opened since the last time we moved, and perhaps find some stuff I could flog on Ebay.

Which is how I stumbled upon a box of old jewellery.

There was a tiny gold ring my mum had passed on to me when I was 16, the gold necklace and charms my Grandparents gave me, a necklace that my Nana had left for me when she died, and even a small gold locket that had been a present from my first boyfriend for my 18th Birthday.

They all brought back happy memories, but while it seemed sad to have these tucked away in a box, the problem is that I never wear gold.

In fact, I hadn’t worn any of them for at least 10 years, but had been ‘keeping them safe’ during every house move.

So why was I keeping them? For sentimental reasons, of course. But did the people who originally gave me the jewellery buy it for me so I could store it in a box in the attic?


So I decided it was time to visit my favourite vintage jewellery shop in York, where I traded in my gold pieces and upgraded to a platinum ring with a small diamond that I can now wear every day!

I now have one less box I need to store and move. And I have a piece of jewellery I adore, that is a constant reminder of the people I love, that I can wear and enjoy all the time!

And the jewellery I sold may now be bought by someone else who will love it and give it a new life.

So while diamonds are forever, they don’t have to be yours forever.

I dare you to dust off your old jewellery box today and see what you have!





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