Long Play Cafe Newcastle

Tim and I had an epic breakfast this morning at the Long Play Cafe in Newcastle.

We stumbled upon this place a few months back when looking for a quirky independent place for a good cup of coffee. The coffee is almost always better than you will find in a High Street Costa-Bucks.

We’ve found some great places thanks to my trusty ‘coffee near here’ iPhone thingy.

And the Long Play Cafe in Newcastle’s Quayside ticked all the boxes!

They do seriously good coffee and breakfasts, in a chilled out setting. I would definitely recommend the Lumberjack Pancakes.

But it’s not the coffee or the food that keeps us going back. It’s not even the friendly staff or the location.

It’s the music.

See, we always try to sit at the table near the record player.

I was never that into Vinyl – I’m from the CD generation. But there is something about watching a record on a turntable that slows you down.

No matter what album is playing (this morning was T-Rex, The Slider) as soon as we sit down I feel myself start to slow down. I put my phone away, and we talk, and listen to the music.  And drink coffee, of course!

In todays fast-paced super-connected world finding somewhere you can unplug and recharge is priceless 🙂





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