My Top 10 Scary Movie Quotes

I’m not a big fan of scary movies, so my Top 10 may seem a little tame to any hard-core horror fans out there!

chucky“Hi I’m, Chucky, wanna play?”

Number 10 is Childs Play, which was flippin’ terrifying back in the day, and I’m still not a fan of dolls.

“Do you like scary movies?”

Scream comes in at Number 9. A friend of mine got kicked out by his girlfriend for prank calling her after seeing this movie.

misery“I’m your number 1 fan”

Number 8 is the 1990 movie Misery, which was a classic scary movie for sleepovers when I was at school.

We’d replay the hobbling scene over and over, but now I appreciate that that was not the scary part.

“I see dead people”

Was I the only one who never saw the twist coming in Number 7, The Sixth Sense?

the-shining“Here’s Johnny!”

I read the book when I was a teenager, and it’s still one of my favourite Stephen King books. (That’s another list to write!)

But the book was so scary that it took until I was in my 30’s before I plucked up the courage to watch Number 6, The Shining, from behind a pillow.

This iconic shot from the 1980’s movie was on so many posters when I was at Uni, but the two little girls freaked me out way more than Jack Nicholson!


dusk-till-dawn“OK vampire killers, let’s kill some f**king vampires!”

George Cloony makes From Dusk Till Dawn one of my all time favourite scary movies, in at number 5.


se7en“What’s in the box?”

Number 4 is the 1995 movie Se7en. I had to go to the pub rather than straight home after watching this in the cinema. Great movie!

How can you go wrong with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey?



Number 3 on my list is The Silence of the Lambs. I don’t think I can spell the noise he makes, so here’s Anthony Hopkins doing his thing…..

the-lost-boys“Death by stereo!”

Number 2 is the best vampire movie of all time, The Lost Boys. There are no sparkly pretty-boys in this movie and the killer soundtrack still get’s played regularly in our car.

And finally…….

youve-got-red-on-you“You’ve got red on you”

Yep, my favourite scary movie of all time is in fact the zom-rom-com, Shaun of the Dead!

If you haven’t seen this it’s a much-watch this halloween. Preferably with a Cornetto.



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