The Breakfast Club

What I would like my morning routine to be…..

Wake naturally at 6am and spend some time writing in my journal while still snug in bed. Get up at 6.30 to be greeted by 2 calm dogs while I drink a cup of tea. 7am take the dogs for a lovely walk in the sunshine, then when I get home spend 30 minutes doing yoga and meditating. 8am prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast, then shower and dress before starting work at 9am.

What actually happens…..

Wake up just before 6am by the dog scratching outside the bedroom door. Grab yesterdays clothes to wear so I can let the dogs out. Stumble downstairs past over excited dogs, then check my email on my phone to see if I missed anything overnight. Shit! There’s a whole heap of stuff come in I need to deal with. OK, 6.30 dog walk first, but it will have to be a quick one. And we’ve run out of poo bags, Great. Rummage through all the coat pockets – there’s bound to be one somewhere – got it! Quick walk, pray we don’t meet anyone and dogs don’t disappear off after a rabbit. 7am home and straight on to laptop to deal with the urgent stuff. I’ll just check Facebook first. 8am OK must get to those emails. Wait, why are dogs still looking at me? Need to feed them! Suppose I should eat too. No, coffee, coffee first. OK, feed dogs, make coffee, crack on with emails. I’ll shower and change into clean clothes later…..

The guru’s will say I need a morning routine, I need to take charge of the day before it takes charge of me.

But I have what’s called a real life!

And yet I am a naturally perky morning person – I dread to think what mornings are like for folk who don’t like mornings.

If your mornings are as manic as mine, it’s OK!

You are perfectly normal. Rest assured that although those lifestyle guru’s look calm, collected and in control in their Instagram photo’s, just out of shot they are probably surrounded by dirty laundry and stacks of unopened post.

You don’t have to wrestle your life into someone else’s vision of perfect.

But what you may want to do is spend some time figuring out how to make your own mornings a little bit more your own, with some intentional actions.

What do I mean by ‘intentional actions’?

Basically doing something you had ‘planned’ to do, rather than just as a way of reacting to a certain situation.

This can be something small….. like deciding the night before that when your alarm clock goes off you will immediately get up. No hitting the snooze button and rolling over, or reaching for your phone to check Facebook. You will swing your feet out of bed and get up.

Decide that your journalling, if you are that way inclined, comes before checking the news or your email.

Decide where and how far you are going to walk the dogs, and then stick to your plan.

Decide that you will empty the dishwasher while waiting for the kettle to boil.

Add a few of these smaller actions together and your head might start to get the idea…… that when you decide to do something you do it!

Don’t be afraid of taking baby steps to change your routine. These are much more likely to stick than planning to start over with a clean slate of perfect.

While my mornings are certainly not Instagram perfect, 3 small steps daily help me to feel more in control.

  1. I get up as soon as I wake up. An extra snooze tends to make me groggy.
  2. I try not to look at anything online until after I have walked the dogs. Otherwise their walk tends to get cut short, which is not good for them or for me!
  3. I always have breakfast!

Accept that some mornings just won’t go to plan. If it does all go pear shaped, take a deep breath and think of just one thing in your life that makes you smile.

Then crack on, and don’t let a manic morning ruin your day.












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