Why New Year is NOT The Time for Resolutions!

If you are planning on making New Years Resolutions here’s my advice……. DON”T!

You won’t keep them.

What’s worse is you make them knowing you aren’t going to keep them.

Which perpetuates a cycle of not fulfilling promises you have made to yourself, and reinforces your belief that you can’t break old habits or create new ones.

Which you CAN, but you make it bloomin’ hard on yourself if you keep ‘failing’ at keeping resolutions which you never intended to keep in the first place!

So what should you do instead this New Years?

I’m going to try something different, and perhaps you’d like to try it with me…..

I’m making a list of things I want to do, or to do more of.

Now, these are not things I am committing to doing every day, starting tomorrow. Like drinking more water or going to the gym.

That doesn’t work.

These are things I am excited about. That bring me joy. Things that I want in my life!

Things like more art – I want to make more time for craftyness, and splodging paint on paper, and learning some new skills.

I want to see more of the beautiful part of the country I live in – take the dogs for some new adventures instead of walking the same route each day. I want to discover more awesome little independent cafes.

I want to write more, and read more.

I want to spend more time with friends and family.

I want to try some new sports.

I want to spend more time ‘unplugged’

Now anyone who’s into goal setting will tell me these aren’t SMART goals, not specific enough, or measurable or time constrained.

And that’s OK by me.

SMART goals don’t excite me.

For me this is about knowing what I want more of, and consciously taking small steps to make sure these things become part of my life.

This kind of strategy probably has a name, and has books written about it and training courses to follow.

I’m just going to write a list in my Bullet Journal, and review it regularly.

Keep it simple folks, keep it simple xxxxx








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